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Employee Monitoring Software

To understand the project position, it has to be observed from Day 1 of the requirement meeting to final day of the project launch. It is good monitor the growth of the project by tracking the status of employee report/contribution towards the project. Our Monitoring tools make it easier to track the report of the employee contribution towards the project by his/her daily activities including the collaboration with multiple team engagement.

What We Have For You

We have a solid solution for the Employer who is looking for Software tool
to Monitor the activities of Employees on the project.

Screenshot Capture

Tools has a special feature called Random Screenshot Capture, it captures the random screen while project

Time Tracking

Time is precious, so it has to be tracked on every second.

Multiple Administration Project

Multiple Project has been administrated using the same single tool.

Multiple Teams

Multiple teams with multiple hierarchies has been monitored and individual report can be generated

New User

New User has been assigned by sending the private invitation to their private email.

Drag and Drop

Drag the screen or reports produce the results as column.

Nested Tasks

Specific task something has to be taken care with group of employee for example Module Integration.


From the initial setup to executing this tool we provide support for our prestigious client to monitor their own growth of progress

Mail Activity

Drag and Drop Task

Task-based Comments

User Location Tracking (geolocation)

Project Analytics

Employees working hours activity analytics

Spend less time tracking and
more time growing

The all-in-one work time tracker for managing field or remote teams.

App Screenshots